Online Store Marketing – Get Your Online Store’s URL On Everything!

Your Online Store Marketing – Get Your URL on Everything! Get the word out about your E-Commerce Website by putting your URL (Uniform Resource Locator, which is your eCommerce site’s address on the Internet), on everything. Office Supplies – Pens, Pencils Paperwork – Letterhead, Envelopes, Fax Cover Sheets, Invoices Literature – Brochures, Business Cards Signage […]


Marketing Your E-Commerce Website

Internet Marketing and E-Commerce SecureSiteCommerce.ComPany stands out from most e-commerce providers because we not only create and host websites, we are experts at marketing them. Promotion your store through search engines is key to bringing in traffic. We offer many methods of online promotion: Search Engine Optimization & Copywriting Search engines don’t know what your […]


E-Commerce Design – Functionality

Functionality Easy Online Ordering and Payment When an online customer is ready to buy the process should be as easy as possible. SecureSiteCommerce.Com approaches online store functionality from the shopper’s and merchant’s perspective. Online shoppers want shopping carts that are simple when adding or deleting items. The online shopper should be informed about items that […]


E-Commerce Design – Ease of Use & Accessibility

Ease of Use Navigation – Your e-commerce site’s catalog shouldn’t be a labyrinth of links. SecureSiteCommerce.Com can work with you to sort your product lines into categories. When a customer selects a product, add-on items and accessories can appear on the screen immediately.  The shopping cart should always be available with a single click. Website […]


E-Commerce Design – Designing Your Online Storefront

Your customer’s online shopping experience can be very similar to shopping in a brick and mortar store. Narrow aisles, messy shelves and rude clerks have their online shopping counterparts in confusing navigation, cluttered web pages and frustrating checkout systems. Not only does your online store need to look nice, online shopping has to be easy […]

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