Portfolio: Industries For The Blind, Inc.

Section 508 Compliant E-Commerce

Section 508 Compliant E-Commerce

Industries for the Blind, Inc.


445 S. Curtis Rd., West Allis, WI. 53214
| 1.800.642.8778

Industries for the Blind, Inc. (“IB”) was hosted and marketed by a competitor for two years before we got the opportunity to team up with them on their web presence.  Within two years of partnering with IB, we helped them achieve more than a forty-fold increase in online sales. Moreover, we were able to help more that a half dozen visually impaired workers move from the factory floor to live customer service.  These customer service reps fly through orders faster – through a VUI, a Voice-User Interface – than I can visually keep up.

E-Commerce manager CJ Lange wrote:

“Thank you for your efforts – your team managed a visually appealing presentation with clean, simple, intuitive navigation to dozens of programs and over 40,000 products resulting in an eight-fold increase in sales in our first year with you!  We constantly get rave reviews from our users…even our competitors.

“The inexpensive Open Source code and site architecture employed has saved us scores of thousands of dollars – or more – while providing an extremely stable site for us.  All of our online programs have flourished, from fulfillment programs to Base Supply Centers for military installations.

“Perhaps the greatest technical triumph is our success in providing employment to blind professionals in critical technology positions, operating and even fully managing the high-tech programs and services we offer using the pioneering templates we’ve developed together.”

We served IB for seven years, enabling them to ultimately take their programs in-house at a sales level over 160 times higher than the level at which we started working together.


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