Online Store Marketing – Get Your Online Store’s URL On Everything!

Your Online Store Marketing – Get Your URL on Everything!

Get the word out about your E-Commerce Website by putting your URL (Uniform Resource Locator, which is your eCommerce site’s address on the Internet), on everything.

  • Office Supplies – Pens, Pencils
  • Paperwork – Letterhead, Envelopes, Fax Cover Sheets, Invoices
  • Literature – Brochures, Business Cards
  • Signage – Building & Parking Signs, Vehicle Graphics, Billboards, Mailboxes
  • Premiums – Calendars, Mugs, Clothing, Mousepads, Stickers, Magnets
  • Print Media – Newspapers, Trade Publications, Magazines, Newsletters, Press Releases, Phone Books
  • Video and Audio – Company Videos, “How To” Videos, Phone “On-Hold” Music, Commercials should include a call-to-action (even to get more info) … and those calls to action should include your URL

Treat Your URL well for Online Store Marketing.

Use upper and lower case – the human eye is still the world’s best browser.  Give the eye a place to parse the letters.

For example:

www.forthealthsource.com is less familiar to people, even in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, than

www.WisPress.com for Wisconsin WordPress sites is much more recognnizable than www.wispress.com 

www.SecureSiteCommerce.com is much stronger than www.securesitecommerce.com

Secure Site Commerce is a service of OnYourMark, LLC (at www.OnYourMark.com) a full-service web design, programming, hosting and internet marketing firm, with strong photo, video and social media capabilities to boot.

Whatever your application, we welcome your inquiry.





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