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SecureSiteCommerce.ComPany stands out from most e-commerce providers because we not only create and host websites, we are experts at marketing them. Promotion your store through search engines is key to bringing in traffic. We offer many methods of online promotion:

Search Engine Optimization & Copywriting

Search engines don’t know what your site is about unless your keywords and phrases are in your text. Our on-staff writers work with you to develop relevant keywords for your store and build them into your website’s content.

Search Engine Submission

We can build quality incoming links to your website from relevant directories and sites online. It’s not just the quantity of inbound links that counts, it’s the quality.

Pay-Per-Click Programs
Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising programs can be designed for any budget. AdWords are a great way to increase site exposure and traffic. They can also be used to jump-start search engine marketing while waiting for “organic” search engine optimization to take effect.

Traffic Monitoring

Who came to your site? Where did they come from? What did they buy? Our marketing experts can analyze your site’s traffic and sales to create campaigns that attract visitors most interested in your products.

Merchandise Feeds

Programs like Google’s Product Search help merchants promote their products with self-updatebale program lists. We can help you extract product listings from your store and feed them into Google Product Search and other online shopping sites.

Regional Advertising

Is your product or service geared towards a particular locale? There are many sites online that list sites geographically.

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